2009 Pony Draft Edition:

Welcome to and a new dimension in fantasy football drafting. This month's edition is devoted to the Pony Draft concept, a new easy way to draft NFL Draft eligible players into your league even before the NFL selects them on April 25th and 26th.


Take your fantasy league to the next level's

Top Ponies for 2009


According to the's scouts and draft insiders, these are the top Pony Draft prospective rookies (in no particular order) that have the best chance of making a positive fantasy football impact during the 2009 season.

QB-Matt Stafford/UGA

Stafford will get a great chance to start

WR-Michael Crabtree/TT

Crabtree should make the biggest impact

QB-Mark Sanchez/USC

Sanchez may be the steal of this draft

RB-Knowshon Moreno/UGA

Knowshon doesn't need to be a "no show"

RB-LeSean McCoy/PIT

LeSean could really be the "LeReal McCoy"

RB-Chris "Beanie" Wells/OSU

Beanie need not be a weenie at the next level

RB-Donald Brown/UCN

See what Brown can do for you

WR-Percy Harvin/UF

Harvin can be another human highlight film

WR- Jeremy Maclin/MIZ

Maclin could have a big impact next season

WR-Darrius Heyward-Bey/MD

Heyward-Bey maybey the best WR value

RB-Shonn Greene/IOA

Greene may not be so green at the next level

RB-Rashad Jennings/LIB

Jennings is the biggest sleeper in this draft

WR-Hakeem Nicks/UNC

Nicks can do tricks at the wideout position

TE-Brandon Pettigrew/OSU

Pettigrew is the best tight end in the draft

RB-Glen Coffee/ALA

Coffee will be a grinder at the next level

RB-Javon Ringer/MSU

Javon will be a "Ringer" next season regardless

RB-Mike Goodson/A&M

Plenty of speed with the swift Goodson

RB-Jeremiah Johnson/ORE

The mountain man is a man of a mountain

RB-Devin Moore/WYO

This cowboy should be ready for the rodeo

WR-Brian Robiskie/OSU

Robiskie may be the most NFL ready wideout

RB-Gartrell Johnson/CSU

This guy looked awfully good in their bowl

WR-Kenny Britt/RUT

Britt will be a great big target for some QB

QB-Josh Freeman/KSU

Freeman is good, but could take time to grow

RB-James Davis/CLM

Davis could be a diamond in the rough

WR-Derrick Williams/PSU

Williams will be deadly as a returner too

TE-Jared Cook/SC

Cook is the latest of the new breed tight end

QB-Nate Davis/BS

Davis could be the Flacco of this year's draft

QB-Pat White/WVU

White is the most intriguing player in this class

PK-Graham Gano/FSU

Gano will be kicking for somebody in the fall

RB-Andre Brown/NCS

Brown is a burner that hasn't peaked yet

RB-Cedric Peerman/UVA

Peerman could be another steal in this draft

RB-Tony Fiammetta/SYR

The hybrid FB could get plenty of action this fall

RB-Kory Sheets/PUR

His versatility will get him playing time touches

RB-Aaron Brown/TCU

Can he be as good as the last Horned Frog RB?

The unknown Rashad Jennings from tiny Liberty could be the biggest sleeper to come out of this year's Pony Drafts


The Pony Draft

Never underestimate the potential of a Pony Draft

By Chris Hansen

NASHVILLE - Just like the smooth taste of a Rolling Rock beer, a Pony Draft can be very satisfying as well, especially when the fantasy football season rolls around in the fall. Just ask those who lassoed Matt Ryan, Chris Johnson, Steve Slaton, Joe Flacco, Felix Jones, DeSean Jackson, Kevin Smith, Jonathan Stewart and Matt Forte in last year's Pony Drafts.

     "The Pony", as it is referred to by and other fantasy football draft insiders, is where a team can get better before the traditional fantasy football drafts ever get started. It doesn't take a lot of time and energy, but a little prep work and some keen insight can make a big difference in your team's output next fall.

     The key is in projecting a player's value in the league for next season. Who will be this year's difference makers? What's Stafford's chances of starting next season? Can Sanchez be an immediate starter in the NFL? Will Crabtree go to the right system for his skill to flourish this season? Who will be the year's biggest surprise sleeper in this class?

     We really like a couple of long shots to come up big next season. If you're looking to roll the dice, go with Ringer, Goodson, Britt  Jennings, or Johnson. So take the leap! Pony Up! Start your Pony Draft this season and see what it is like to take your chances with this year's stable of studs!


Introducing a new concept in fantasy football drafting that emulates the NFL's annual draft

By Chris Hansen

NASHVILLE – If you love fantasy football and are looking for a way to add another exciting dimension to your league, look no further.

     Since the traditional fantasy football draft is usually a high point of most leagues, recommends a unique new concept to add another draft experience to your league by drafting incoming rookies to your league even before they are drafted by their NFL teams. Crazy some will say, but we've been doing this in our league for years and find it can be exciting, intriguing and strategic.


The Rolling Rock Pony Draft

     This doesn't have to be a formal gathering like annual fantasy football drafts. Most "Pony Drafts" as we like to call them (named after the famous Rolling Rock Ponies) can take place via email, or over mobile phone devices. The concept is so simple, even your most novice members can grasp the concept.

     A well executed Pony Draft puts you in the shoes of a real pro football general manager. What rookies coming into the league have the most potential? How will they fit into a NFL team's scheme? How well can you project their production at the next level for next season?

    Most Pony Drafts can only last one to three rounds. For leagues of 12-16 teams we only recommend one to two rounds because they can get cumbersome. For leagues of 8-10 teams, you may want to just try two to three rounds. It really depends mostly on how receptive your league is to the concept. A good rule of thumb is to start small (one round), execute it well, and then expand your league's Pony Draft over time.


The Pony Draft Timetable

     We recommend starting the draft the week of the NFL Draft. This year that would be the week of Monday, April 20th.

The reason is two-fold. NFL Draft awareness is peaking at this time and plenty of information about the Pony prospects is available for most fantasy football teams to access, so their is less room for excuses, whining and for being unprepared. Secondly, this gives every team member plenty of time to complete their evaluations and make their picks.

     Another aspect of the Pony Draft is that it can actually speed up your annual draft since a couple of slots may already be filled in by these Pony picks when the real annual draft rolls around. We recommend that teams not be married to their Pony picks since it is so early in the fantasy league process. We let teams drop these Pony players prior to the regular draft, if they don't like who they drafted, or get players that don't necessarily have a favorable chance in the fall. So there is really no down side to a Pony Draft.


Strategy and Results

     Like most fantasy football league drafts, draft strategies and their end results can be a mixed bag of nuts. However, that's what makes fantasy football so much fun, projecting players output, their potential performances and the points they will put up when the games finally roll around in the fall. A Pony Draft is no different. In a lot of ways, it is the ultimate football fantasy experience. It puts you in the driver's seat of your team before these players ever sign an NFL contract, or take a snap.

     Sometimes you can strike it big with the likes of an Adrian Peterson, Matt Ryan, Eddie Royal, DeSean Jackson, or Joe Flacco. Then other times you can strike out just as easy with a Brady Quinn, Darren McFadden, Matt Leinart, Alex Smith, or JaMarcus Russell in their first year in the league. This is really the essence of a Pony Draft and why rolling the dice in April can help you win your league in January, or not.


Final Recommendations

     For your first Pony Draft, we suggest drafting in the reverse of last year's standings because this can help with the parity of your league and give the weaklings a chance at redemption. To also help speed up the Pony Draft process, you can ask your teams to submit their top five Pony picks (or more) in order, then at least the first five picks are in the bag and we've found this really speeds up the process and can pretty much carry the whole draft. If there are duplications, or open slots, just email, or call, the teams later in the draft and fill in with their picks. This draft should not take more than two days max to execute. Teams that don't submit by your deadline can fill in with their Pony picks after the formal Pony Draft, or just miss out altogether. We've found the more effort teams put into the Pony Draft process, the more they get out of it. Give it a try it, what do you have to lose? If you have any Pony Draft questions, or comments, feel free to contact us via email at:


Best of the Rest

This is where the next big fantasy football surprise sleepers can be found like last year's Eddie Royal, Tim Hightower, Tashard Choice, John Carlson and Donnie Avery.



Ian Johnson/BSU


Juaquin Iglesias/OU


Mike Wallace/MIS


Shawn Nelson/USM


Arian Foster/TEN


Brandon Tate/UNC


Mohammed Massaquoi/UGA


Johnny Knox/ACU


Louis Murphy/UF


Chase Coffman/MIZ


Javarris Williams/TSU


James Casey/RU


Marlon Lucky/NEB


Rhett Bomar/SHS

QB Nathan Brown/CAU


C.J. Spiller/CLM

WR Deon Butler/PSU


Bernard Scott/ACU


Patrick Turner/USC


Graham Harrell/TT

RB Jamall Lee/BIS
WR Larry Beavers/WES
WR Ramses Barden/CPS
WR Mike Thomas/ARI
RB P.J. Hill/WIS
QB John Parker Wilson/ALA
QB Curtis Painter/PUR

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By Chris Hansen


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