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2017 Pony Draft Order

  1. Bullets
  2. Gamblers
  3. Wizards
  4. Blitz
  5. WWarriors
  6. Wildcats
  7. PowerSleds
  8. Sloth Monsters
  9. Fightin' Slovaks
10. Cheetahs
11. Grenadiers
12. Dogs
13. Woosiers
14. Mayors
15. Armadillos
16. Juggernauts

BDFL Bonanza

The Gambino hit the BDFL Pony Draft jackpot when Minnesota drafted Dalvin Cook in the NFL Draft

The 2017 BDFL Pony Draft Destinations
All the ponies have been corralled for the upcoming 2017 BDFL season

LATROBE, PA - "Bonanza" is a mining term used for the discovery of an exceptionally large and very valuable rich mineral deposit (gold, silver, ore, coal, petroleum, etc.). The word translates well to when a BDFL Pony Draft pick gets drafted by the right NFL team. Some Pony picks can be busts, while others like Ezekiel Elliott last season was a "bonanza" for the Duncanvile Armadillos. We now know where all the new BDFL Pony Draft studs will be roaming in the upcoming season thanks to the completion of the 2017 NFL Draft. Leonard Fournette to Jacksonville, Dalvin Cook to Minnesota, Corey Davis to Tennessee, O.J. Howard to Tampa Bay, Mitch Trubisky to Chicago and Deshaun Watson to Houston, all have the potential to be BDFL bonanzas in 2017. Others that should be great fits and have the potential to produce riches in the fall include Mike Williams with the Los Angeles Chargers, Christian McCaffrey in Carolina, D'Onta Foreman in Houston and Samaje Perine in Washington, while some others may just turn out to be busts. Now on to the BDFL Pony Picks and their NFL destinations with in-depth analysis from the BDFL's media experts.


RB - Leonard Fournette JAX – The Bullets are hoping that these cats will have more luck with Fournette than the other cats had with him against the Alabama defense the last two years.


RB - Dalvin Cook MIN – The Gamblers hit the jackpot with Cook to the Vikings. With Peterson gone and Latavious Murray as the only RB competition, Dalvin should be cooking in Minnesota.


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WR - Mike Williams LAC – The Wizards get an instant starter with Williams in Los Angeles with the Chargers. Philip Rivers loves big physical receivers and will give this former Clemson Tiger plenty of opportunities this season.


TE - O.J. Howard TB – Da Blitz has to be thrilled with O.J. going to the Sunshine State where he will be a starter when he gets off the bus. The Bucs are loading up on talent around Winston and O.J. will be a nice target.


RB - Christian McCaffrey CAR The newly renamed Black Creek Freebirds nailed the Carolina Panthers as the NFL team that would draft McCaffrey, now we'll see if he can really play with the big boys.

Carolina Panthers announce 2016 preseason schedule


RB - D'Onta Foreman HOU  The Wildcats hit it big with Foreman in Houston. The Texans have struggled at the position since Adrian Foster left, but this scheme and this big Texas Longhorn should be a perfect fit.


RB - Joe Mixon CIN  The PowerSleds get a thug in Mixon, but Cincinnati specializes in playing thugs. With Giovanni Bernard and Jeremy Hill still on the Bengals roster, it may mean limited time for Mixon in Cincy.

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WR - Corey Davis TEN – The Sloth Monsters have to be happy with this pick. Davis walks into Nashville as the Titans #1 receiver. With most defenses loaded up to stop the run, Davis will get plenty of man-to-man coverage.


QB - Deshaun Watson HOU  The Fightin' Slovaks will be celebrating this pick all summer at Slovak festivals all over the world. Watson may not start in Week #1, but when Savage struggles, O'Brien will pull the trigger.



RB - Samaje Perine WAS  The Cheetahs have to be feeling good about Perine in Washington. Rob Kelley should be the only competition for playing time and this Jay Gruden offense should be ready to explode in 2017.


WR - John Ross CIN – The Grenadiers are hoping that the speedy Ross will stay healthy enough to start all 16 games with the Bengals opposite a healthy A.J. Green for all 16 games.

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WR - Dede Westbrook JAX – The Dogs get a quality PONY receiver in Westbrook, but can Blake Bortles and the new Jaguars offense be effect enough to utilize his skills? A hung jury is still out on this pick.


QB - Mitch Trubisky CHI – The Woosiers were fortunate the Bears valued Trubisky so much that they traded up to #2 overall to get him. Now will they have the kahunas to start him at some point this coming season?


RB - Alvin Kamara NOThe Mayors get the Bama transfer now in a crowded Saints backfield with Ingram and Peterson. Insurance pick at best, but looks more like special teams and situational use in 2017.

15 photo armadillos_logo1.jpg:

PK - Zane Gonzalez CLE The Armadillos get the honor of having the last Pony pick to be drafted by an NFL club. Gonzo is going to the Mistake on the Lake and will have a chance to beat out Coons for the Browns PK job.



WR - Chris Godwin TB – With a crowded receiving corps in Tampa Bay, the Juggernauts may have to wait awhile before Godwin can get on the field for some quality snaps with the Buccaneers.

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