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Iron Hand: 2014 Pony Draft Results

The BDFL went "stealth" with a Mission Impossible type Pony Draft and it worked

TITLETOWN - In a calculated and tactfull move, the BDFL went under the radar with the 2014 BDFL Pony Draft and got their best results ever. The Woosiers jump-started the draft by taking Johnny Screwball with the first overall pick after earning the top pick with their Big Mullet Bowl vict'ry. The draft went by order based on the BDFL's media experts with little, if any surprises. All Pony picks must be on opening Day BDFL rosters this year based on the new Progressive Priority Draft (PPD) coming in August. Fill out form here by August 15th.

Smoke Rise Woosiers

QB - Johnny Manziel A&M

There are only a few teams crazy enough to draft the reckless Johnny Screwball and the Woosiers are one.


Magic City Mayors

QB - Teddy Bridgewater UL

Teddy is no "Baby Cam". Mayors are not living in the real world. Stats propped up vs. the Sisters of the Poor.


Pasco County Wizards

QB - Blake Bortles UCF

Bortles was a "homer" pick by the Wizards since one daughter is a UCF Knight. May be the steal of the Pony.

Fightin' Slovaks

WR - Mike Evans A&M

I'm quite sure the Slavs didn't make this pick on their own. Mike is the real "Football" player coming out of A&M.


Mineral Springs Grenadiers

WR - Sammy Watkins CLM

The Brigade wanted a RB, but couldn't pass on the ultra talented Watkins. A threat to score from anywhere.

Duncanville Armadillos

WR - Brandin Cooks OST

Dillos reach with the #6 pick to take the unproven commodity in Cooks. Left too much talent on the shelf.

Silver Lakes Sloth Monsters

RB - Bishop Sankey WAS

Many experts consider Sankey the best overall back in this class. Slothsters get a "steal" in the #7 Pony slot.


Benton Bullets

QB - AJ McCarron ALA

Yes, it was a "homer" pick through the crimson-colored glasses the Bullets wear 24/7/365, but AJ has game.


Brookside Dogs

WR - Marqise Lee USC

The BDFL Pony Draft has always been about value and the Pound came up big at #9 with the versatile Lee.

Jugtown Juggernauts

WR - Odell Beckham LSU

Beckham has bigtime talent, but under-delivered at LSU. The rub here is the Nauts could have done better.

Druid City Blitz

WR - Kelvin Benjamin FSU

Benjamin is a beast who still has a big upside. Credit the Blitz here for showing some kahoonas to make this pick.

Gulf Coast Gamblers

RB - Tre Mason AUB

Even though this is another classic "homer" pick, Mason may be the best back in this thin class of power rushers.

Jarvis Landry - North Texas v LSU

Western Hills Wildcats

WR - Jarvis Landry LSU

Landry will be a good WR in the NFL, but his most value may come as a returner which won't help the Wildcats.

Black Creek WWarriors

TE - Eric Ebron UNC

With the emergence of the new hybrid TE sweeping the league, this pick stands out in this Pony Draft.


Riverchase Cheetahs

RB - Carlos Hyde OSU

This is a good example of why the Cheetahs have four Grand Daddy trophies on the mantle at home.


Fairfield PowerSleds

RB - Jeremy Hill LSU

This is a good example of why the PowerSleds have four Grand Daddy trophies on the mantle at home.

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